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Manluckerz tells fans to expect seventh album

by Byron Adonis Mutingwende

Sweden-based versatile artist Luckson Makandire Chikutu has told his fans worldwide that he will soon record his seventh full length album which will have a cultural touch.

The Zimbabwean cultural exponent who is more popularly known on stage as simply Manluckerz last put an album out in 2018 titled Ndundu-Madhaiza.

The album was recorded at Tapiwa Jera Maselo Pro Studio in Zimbabwe.

“So far we are rehearsing the new music before we hit the studio to record our seventh album,” Manluckerz said.

He said his previous and new music can be accessed through reputable platforms such as Spotify, amazon, iTunes, soundcloud and others.

The upcoming album will follow on the success of his first ever published book titled Flashback Identity.

FlashBack Identity was first written in Swedish and published in Sweden and the English version is available through Vulkan media.se and Makandire Muzani ZIMFEBI Music.

Both versions are available as E-books and hard copies in several bookshops.

As a cultural ambassador Manluckerz wrote FlashBack Identity in reference to his past and experiences, the ultimate aim being to entice gentle readers to think about themselves.

His flashback was an attempt to remind himself and the people who matter to him of who he is and what defines him.

It is an expression of his past and culture which is something good to learn about.

The subject of identify and culture is crucial not only to him, but also his family as it is for all the people of colour. In the book Manluckerz says culture is “so tender and easy to lose unless it is documented”.

As stated in the book, he tells of how he missed death by a whisker in a terrible car accident which saw him being admitted in hospital for over 3 months.

When he rose from the deathbed 2 years later, he had this vision of how much of importance was his identity to his children if ever he didn’t survive to tell the story.

He places emphasis on his survival saying it was a second chance to life.

And in that second chance, he decided to pen the book for all his followers and family to know and live to remember his identity.

More than anything else the book was written to inspire gentle readers to reflect and ponder their own identities.

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