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ILO survey explores nexus between COVID-19 and youth employment


To bring youth voices to the forefront of action and policy responses, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, together with its partners, including the UN Major Group for Children and Youth, AIESEC, the European Youth Forum, the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and the United Nations Human Rights Office are conducting a survey. The survey will measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth rights, with a focus on employment and education. 

The survey focuses on four main areas: 

  • How the outbreak affects young people’s employment and learning situation and aspirations
  • Effects on psychological well-being and mental health
  • Young people’s engagement in social activism and volunteerism
  • Youth opinions on policy responses taken so far and expectations on the role of the authorities. This includes their own proposals, or those of the organizations that represent them, on how to protect the labour market prospects of young people during and after the crisis.

The survey targets young people from all regions, countries, and backgrounds; those actively engaged in economic activities across sectors and industries; as well as those that are in school and those not in employment, education and training (NEET). The survey results will be shared widely to help inform ILO constituents and Decent Jobs for Youth partners as they navigate these unprecedented times with a profound commitment to protect young people, their rights, voices and opportunities for decent work.

The survey is available in 17 languages and closes on 21 May 2020. Take the survey now and let your voices be heard by decision-makers across the globe, including a community of youth organisations & United Nations entities! If you have any questions, please contact us by email at [insert organisation contact details if you prefer] or the Decent Jobs for Youth team at [email protected]

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