By Lovemore Chazingwa in Chakari
Former Dalny High school students under the auspices of Dalny Old Students Association  (DOSA) partnered with government departments, private companies, and non-governmental organizations in the National Clean-Up exercise that was held last Friday in the dormitory settlement of Chakari some 42 km northwest of Kadoma City.
That Clean-Up initiative is part of the nationwide call to take the cleaning of in-door and out-door environments in all spaces at the highest level.
It is part of efforts from the highest office in the land to keep all habitats clean and fit for human and animal habitation.
“We as DOSA are taking heed of the clarion call by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa to make our environments clean, hygienic and habitable,” said DOSA president in a telephone interview.
Rio Zim, Ministry of Health, Environment Management Authority (EMA), Ministry of Youth and Women’s Affairs, Lions Club Chegutu Chapter and the wider business community in Chakari are some of the prominent partners who took part in the successfully carried out assignment.
Addressing leaners at Dalny High School after the exercise was carried out, DOSA president Lovemore Guta notes that school premises are no time-wasting amenities.

DOSA President, Lovemore Guta with Dalny High School students during the clean up exercise

“You are privileged to at least have someone who sacrifices their hard earnings to pay for your education. When you come here you must not waste time playing aimlessly. This is not the time to be bullied around or to be in premature love relationships. Take your education seriously. Do not take these premises for granted. Note that there are some who come to throw spanners in the work of those who will be progressing well in school. Be vigilant and know that people at home look forward to your assistance in the future,” he emphasized citing a Shona idiom that reminds the young to look after their parents and guardians when they are over the hill.
Lions Club Chegutu Chapter president Christina Mwale said that the cleaning exercise is an important one as it teaches citizens and residents to take good care of their environments even places they work at.
Lions Club brought along leadership experience opportunity members (LEOS) from Chegutu and Pfupajena High both in Chegutu and Kadoma based Jameson High School to help infuse the spirit of responsibility among the youth in their environments. It also recruited keen LEOS from the host institution.
Ministry of Health community assistant Anderson Yohane said they always take part in the clean-up as they prioritize clean environments and are keen on conscientising society on the importance of clean habitats especially in the wake of diseases like typhoid and cholera.